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Trusted Diamond Pawn Shop in Cocoa, FL

Godfather Pawn offers customers unmatched beauty and value at our gold, silver, and diamond pawn shops in Cocoa, Orlando, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach, FL. We've assessed and valued precious items and hidden gems since 2008. Whether you want to buy, sell, or pawn your jewelry, our appraisers will inspect it thoroughly and determine its true worth. Our professionals genuinely love what they do. From finding a stunning new item to buying one from you, we'll use our passion and expertise to guide you.
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Discover Something Special With Us

We welcome you to sell, pawn, or discover quality gold, silver, and diamond treasures such as:

  • Jewelry: Whether you want a new piece to match your wardrobe or have a special item you want to get rid of, we can help.
  • Engagement and Wedding Rings: Find the ring your spouse will cherish forever in our wide engagement and wedding ring selection.
  • Watches: Our inventory features luxury gold and silver watches from leading brands and designers. Buy or sell an exceptional timepiece with us.
  • Bullion: If your gold or silver is nearly 100% pure, we'd love to appraise it and get you the most value.
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How We Evaluate Gold, Silver, and Diamonds

We evaluate and determine item value daily. Aside from the item's overall condition, we'll also assess it according to the following factors:

  • Composition: We assess the elements the item is made from and its purity.
  • Clarity: Clear diamonds without blemishes are generally valued higher.
  • Cut: Well-cut diamonds have a better sparkle and, therefore, more value.
  • Weight: Heavier, larger items are usually worth more than smaller ones.
  • History: Items made by a legendary designer or once owned by a famous person are valued significantly.

Honest and Passionate Appraisal Professionals

At Godfather Pawn, we pride ourselves on our reputation for appraising fairly and stocking our inventory with quality products. Though items are valued based on their condition, everything in our shop is genuine. We don't accept fake or counterfeit items, period. Every day, buyers walk into our shops for a casual look at our selection and walk out with a unique, beautiful treasure. That watch, necklace, or ring sitting on your dresser may have a high value, so we'd be happy to assess and determine how much you could get from it.

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