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At Godfather Pawn, we specialize in buying and selling all electronics. Our TV pawn shops in Orlando, Cocoa, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach, FL will gladly accept quality gaming consoles, smart devices, electric musical instruments and gear, and tools. Since 2008, our family-owned and operated business has provided top dollar for the latest technology and older devices that are still in good condition. Whether you need a high-def television for your home entertainment center or an effective drill for a DIY construction project, we have a valuable item waiting for you.
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The Most Popular Electronics at Our Shop

  • Game Consoles: Brand-new gaming consoles have the highest prices and returns for our customers, while nostalgia and old-fashioned fun drive sales for older consoles.
  • OLED TVs: OLED TVs' sleek design and fantastic lighting make them a hot commodity for buyers and sellers.
  • Power Tools: Every handyperson wants a high-performance power tool at a great price, and that's why electronic drills, saws, and more sell at our shop daily.
  • Smart Devices: Smart devices like iPhones and iPads rule the market. If your device is in great condition, we'll most likely buy it from you.
  • Guitars and Amplifiers: We're always looking for a rockstar to sell their guitars and amps, enabling buyers to plug in and rock out

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Your accessories power your electronics. If you bring in your TVs, consoles, computers, and other devices without them, they won't function properly, and the buyer will have to work harder to get the most from their sale. Please bring every component when you come to our shop. Otherwise, we'll have to turn you down or lower our offer. Essential accessories include but are not limited to:
  • Portable and standing chargers
  • Cables
  • Adaptors
  • USBs
  • Headphones and earbuds
  • Speakers
  • Power strips
  • Mouses and keypads

How We Appraise Electronics and Tech

Electronics and technology are among the most in-demand items at our shop, but their value changes constantly. Most electronics are bought and sold very quickly, depending on whether they're intact. Age is a huge factor in the value of an electronic device. Their value typically drops a year after they hit store shelves and continues decreasing with time, so please be aware of your device's age. If your electronics are in good condition and still within their lifespan, we will likely buy them from you at a great price, depending on our needs.

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