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For over a decade, Godfather Pawn has been a dependable gun pawn shop in Cocoa, Port Orange, Daytona Beach, and Orlando, FL. We are fully licensed to buy, sell, and pawn guns from customers throughout the state. You can either pawn your gun for a loan and pay us back on a scheduled date or sell it outright at top dollar. Whether you choose to pawn or sell, we can guide you through the process and help you get the most value from your firearm.
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Requirements for Pawning a Gun in Florida

Due to the recent Bill 543, the second amendment has more power, making buying, selling, and pawning guns easier and more efficient than ever. When you bring your firearm into the shop, you will need a government-issued picture or ID. Examples include a state-issued driver's license or ID, military ID, passport, or green card. If you have questions or concerns regarding your eligibility, you can review local, state, and federal laws regarding gun pawning and selling, or you can reach out to us directly.
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What Are Florida's Restrictions on Guns?

Knowing your rights as a gun owner is crucial. Here are a few gun restrictions in the state of Florida:

  • Persons 18 and younger are prohibited from buying or possessing a gun
  • Minors can own or possess a gun for designated purposes, like hunting or sporting events
  • Minors must have approval and be supervised by a parent, guardian, or instructor when participating in hunting or sporting events
  • Floridians are prohibited from owning or possessing machine guns unless designated by federal law
  • Felons are prohibited from owning or possessing firearms unless they're granted clemency

Preparing Your Gun for Pawn

We'll only consider or accept your firearm if it's registered. If it is unregistered or under a different name, it must be reported as stolen. Please ensure all licenses and registrations are updated before reaching out to us to avoid legal consequences. Before coming in, unload your firearm, clean it thoroughly, and place it in a protective case. Please practice gun safety before and during your visit to the shop. Bringing your photo ID, proof of ownership, and licenses will make your pawn or sale go quicker.

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