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Pawn Shop Loans in Port Orange, FL

Do you need money fast? Godfather Pawn makes getting loans extremely easy. We are a trusted pawn shop serving Port Orange, Cocoa, Orlando, and Daytona Beach, FL. We provide loans on many items, including guns, jewelry, TVs and electronics, boats, cars, musical instruments and equipment, and beyond. When you bring your item in, we'll carefully assess it to determine its worth and provide the relief you need. Customers choose us for our low-interest rates and flexible payback options.
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How Does the Loan Process Work?

Receiving a loan through a pawn shop is a quick, easy way to get the money you need without a credit check. We make the process convenient for our customers. Here's how to get a loan from us:

  • Bring your item and a photo ID
  • We'll assess the item and determine its value
  • If accepted, we'll give you a 15-day loan at 10% interest
  • You pay back the principal and interest during or 15-day period
  • You can renew your loan for 15 days at 10% interest if needed
  • After the loan is paid, we'll return your item to you
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The Lowest Interest Rates in the Area

We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional 10% interest rate for 15 days, which is significantly lower than most pawn shops. Why do we do this? For many customers, pawn loans are temporary and used to get quick cash during an emergency. The average loan price is 30 days at 25% interest. Our loan periods and interest rates make it easier for customers to pay off their loans quickly, providing comfort and peace of mind as they work out their finances.

Avoid Credit Checks With Us

At Godfather Pawn, We understand taking out a loan can be worrisome. You may feel uncertain about borrowing money for your item, even if the loan is temporary and manageable. You may also be concerned with your credit score. We don't require credit checks, making getting a loan significantly more possible than usual pawn shops. As long as you bring the necessary IDs and a valuable item, we'll be happy to evaluate its worth and help you receive the money you need.

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