Published: Jun 20 Posted Under: how does pawn loan work, Pawn Loans Orlando, orlando pawn loan, faq

Question from Customer - Not Sure Really How This Pawn Loan Stuff Works?

We recently got a question from our contact form and the question was: Not really sure how this pawn stuff works. We recently got laid off from a job and need money to pay bills. Have a couple items please let us know.

This is a great question and we get this all the time. The Answer is - You can bring your items into one of our locations. We will give you evaluate your items and give you an amount we will take them for. You have two options – you can sell them or pawn them. Sell them to us means you take the cash and we keep the items. If you want the items back, you can pawn them to us. We give you the cash and we put your items in our back warehouse. We charge you 10% interest starting with the first 15 days. You can pay the interest and keep your stuff in our warehouse as long as you want. When you have the entire amount we lend you, we give you your items back to take home and keep. Hope this explains how pawn works. Let me know if you have any further questions if someone didn’t already answer this for you from us.