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Orlando Pawn Shop News - Pawn Shop Reunites Owners With Stolen Goods

 WACO (June 24, 2015) A petty thief could be a lot closer to being caught after a Central Texas pawn shop employee found the owner of the stolen goods he was trying to pawn.

This week Nathan Myers of CenTex pawn said a man came into the store trying to pawn off a box which he claimed contained hearing aids.

"He pulled out a small case that had a name on it and we just said we couldn't take it. He ended up leaving a bit later and left the box behind," Myers said.

After the man left the box, Myers examined it and it's contents.

It had the name "Emily Mills" written on the outside and contained expensive ear monitors which musicians use.

Myers got to work trying to find Emily Mills.

"The name really didn't ring a bell, so I just went on Facebook and typed in Emily Mills and realized she is a mutual friend of my moms," Myers said.

Myers found out that his family and the Mills used to attend church together.

He reached out to Brett Mills, Emily's husband and told him the good news.

The Mills had recently had issues with a repeat thief breaking into their cars and stealing items.

"I started noticing little things like coins missing and then I decided to put out a camera," Mills said.

Since installing the camera, Mills has caught the thief multiple times breaking into their vehicles.

Now thanks to Myers, the Mills have their stuff back.

"This was not a cheap piece of equipment and I realized I needed it get it back to them. When I realized I could it felt great," Myers said.

The detective on Mills theft case said thanks to CenTex Pawn and his surveillance photos, they are much closer to finding the culprit.

"I guess the biggest point of the story is have a lot of friends that work in a lot of places so if your stuff gets stolen and ends up where they're at, they can get it back to you," Mills said.