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10 Ways Buying a Lamborghini Is an Investment in Your Business

There are a number of things that you can purchase that will in-turn benefit your business. Technology, office supplies and even investments can all make your company a better business. However, one thing most people haven’t considered as a business and life boosting purchase is a brand-new Lamborghini, like my $235,000 Lamborghini. While it may sound ridiculous to buy a new sports car to benefit your business, there are actually several benefits to making an investment in one of these vehicles.

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  1. The Lamborghini is an attention grabber. If you drive around in one of these cars, everyone you meet is going to want to know how you made enough money to afford that car. If you are operating in the right business model, this can be a powerful lead generation tool.
  2. From the moment you start driving around in this car, you will notice that anyone who sees a Lamborghini in person will immediately start fawning over this vehicle. Subconsciously, their opinion of you will be elevated.
  3. No matter where you are going or who you are meeting with, an attention grabbing car such as this will be a conversation starter. 
  4. This car will help you generate new business. So much so, in hardly no time the car will start paying for itself.
  5. The trunk space is small. That may not seem like a huge benefit, but less trunk space, means less clutter piling up in your life and less groceries, so you can start eating less and eating better.
  6. The Lamborghini is a notorious gas guzzler and not very comfortable to drive. Chances are when you have the option of driving or walking, you will be making the healthier choice to walk a few extra feet.
  7. Parking this vehicle is tough. If you have a car this nice, chances are your worries about people keying it will increase. There is no better motivation to keep you in the right areas late at night than that.
  8. If you want attention on social media, all you need to do is share a picture of your car.
  9. A car like this can be great inspiration for your colleagues, customers and students. Let them know what they can achieve if they follow your lead.
  10. Being an entrepreneur is hard work, and it takes a lot of grinding and dedication. As a successful business owner, you deserve to treat yourself and have a little fun in your life as motivation to keep working, after all, you have earned it!

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